Xbox Is Getting A Bonus September Update That Makes It Easier To Manage Game Captures


Xbox has already had an update this September, which allowed players to stream directly to Discord among other new features, it's getting a bonus update with a number of quality-of-life updates. The major one relates to storing and managing game captures, with other updates including a hub for in-game events, and new set-up features.

With the new update, Xbox is changing its policy on storage of your game captures, including screenshots and video capture taken while gaming. Any captures stored on the Xbox network will be deleted after 90 days, meaning anything you want to keep will have to be backed up to external storage or OneDrive. Luckily, Xbox is also making this process easier to manage. You can now move, manage, and bulk upload your files through the Captures app, where you'll also have the option to automatically back up all future captures to OneDrive.

Xbox is also adding a new Events channel to its Home page, which will display a preview of current and upcoming in-game events for games from your library. You can select these events from the channel to get more information on what is going down.

Microsoft is also making the process of setting up a new Xbox console smoother, with a new feature that will recommend popular apps to download from the start. Apps that may be recommended include the likes of Apple Music, AppleTV, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Hulu, Movies & TV, Peacock, Spotify, and Tubi.

Xbox owners in the United States are also getting a brand-new sports hub through September and October, which will recommend sports games on Xbox, as well as apps where users can stream live sports.